Commemorating 2 Years of Figure Collecting

31 Dec

Here’s a compiled version of almost all of the items I’ve purchased throughout the year of 2013 and as usual, this was taken with reference from MFC. Some items I bought are not (yet) listed in the database of MFC but most of em’ are on there anyway.
2013 purchases

**I’ll be using old photos I’ve taken of the figures for the following sections! Here goes!


Year’s Holy Grail(s) (2013)

So what were the holy grails I’ve successfully obtained this year? Wait, did I just said “grails”? Yup, indeed! I do have several grails on the ‘to search for’ list and I managed to grab four of them off that list this year! Wow!

1. Banpresto Ichiban Kuji’s Killua (one on the right)

I had a lot of trouble with the monochrome version of the same Ichiban Kuji Killua by Banpresto since its price was skyrocketing everywhere (over SGD$1000!). Heck, I’ve actually not seen him on sale anywhere except for Yahoo! Japan Auction for just once. It turned out that this colored version was pretty easy to obtain from Mandarake though, probably due to the fact that the monochrome version is limited and this is not! Whew.

2. Banpresto’s Killua plush

I’ve seen this plush on sale in a few places for ridiculous prices since it IS something from a few years back but I managed to stumble upon one on eBay where its price was in a reasonable range for me! It was from a German seller, if I didn’t remember wrong. I normally wouldn’t resort to eBay for figures and stuffs like this but I guess it is possible to find some miracles on there once in a while after all!

3. Gift’s Kasugano Sora’s Comiket 79 Ver. plush (one on the right)

I waited, waited, and continued to wait. She finally popped out on Mandarake one day in a fairly low price and I snatched her off the store straight away just like that! Whoop!

4. Gift’s Kasugano Sora’s plush that is bundled Yosuga no Sora Blu-Ray Volume 4 Limited Edition (I only got the plush though) (one on the left)

This plush is definitely the most expensive one I’ve paid for so far but I don’t regret forking out money for this at all. I saw it on Yahoo! Japan Auction by chance and was hesitating due to the price being a little too high. My brother then suggested in letting Banpresto’s DXF of Yamazaki to decide if I should make this purchase. Apparently, an odd number release date meant ‘Yes!’ and even would be a ‘No!’. Guess who was gave me the final go to splurge on this in the end…


Year’s Favorite (2013)

FREEing’s Nyarlathotep 1/8 scale figure (one on the utmost left)

There are so many things I’m loving in my collection that this title is always the hardest to choose! There are multiple factors to considered and yet each and every figure has their own high charming point. Still, I decided to give this Nyaruko the title because her sculpt and design is just beautiful. Granted, it doesn’t resemble Nyaruko 100% but I have to say her eyes are really pretty and her uniform design and colors just so appealing! One of the most appealing ones in my pool of figures, in fact!


Year’s Regret (2013)

Azone’s Blue Bird’s Song Lace Collar Cape
(no photos available)

I bought this piece of doll clothing for the only Pureneemo doll I have along with a few other pieces from the same store. I thought it would go well with the denim skirt with suspenders attached I got but it apparently looked too big on my Pureneemo doll that it lost its appeal. Other than that, I don’t actually have any other regrets because I’ve been quite careful with my purchases this year!


Year’s Most Valued (2013)

Max Factory’s Killua figma

(The clothes were a joke by my brother)

Yes, another Killua you see and this is definitely not the last time he’s going to appear on this page! Anyway, I can remember how excited I was when I received the news that there was going to be a Killua figma following after Gon’s! Seeing his prototype photos after they were revealed disappointed me a little because I thought Gon looked superb but Killua was just a little… off. Still, he ended up to be my most valued figure of this year because he’s not just Killua but a Killua action figure that can be posed! Action figures always gives out so much more life to me as compared to static ones, that’s why.


Year’s Most Unexpected (2013)

Banpresto’s Real Figure of Killua (one on the utmost right)

This was a figure released back in 2002 and its colors and final job done just screams “ANTIQUE!” into my face which is why I thought that it’s almost impossible to find it available around anymore, haha. I’ve never seen it on sale anywhere before and I didn’t particularly wanted it anyway so I thought of letting this pass but on this on time where I went on a shopping spree on any items I can find on Rakuten, AmazonJapan, and Yahoo! Japan Auction, this little one caught my eyes and I decided to just get him on the go and I’m really glad I did! His quality is actually higher than it actually looks in all the photos! He’s nice to have!


Year’s Most Expensive (2013)

Azone’s Pureneemo Nyarlathotep Doll

It wasn’t like I was a fan of dolls or anything but I came across this Pureneemo Nyaruko doll on Hobby Search during her pre-order period where she was on a 15% discount. I gave in to my likeness for Nyaruko and the interest in wanting to know how it feels to hold one of these kind of dolls in my hands. I got her costing a little under SGD$160 (shipping fee excluded).

The next few most expensive items following this doll are Megahouse’s G.E.M Hisoka, Max Factory’s Nyarlathotep 1/7 scale figure, and CM’s Corporation’s Nyarlathotep 1/8 scale figure.

Year’s Cheapest (2013)

Bandai’s Hata Ouji character goods and Bandai’s Okita Sougo’s character goods.
(no photos available)

These two items are on par for the price — SGD$3. I got them from the gashapon machines at a mall.

The next few cheapest items following these two are Banpresto’s Killua trading figure, Bandai’s Killua swing (suit ver.), and Bandai’s Killua swing (normal ver.).


Year’s Great Achievement(s) (2013)

Ooh! A new title that I didn’t touch on last year! Alright, so this isn’t a title that I’m going to present to any figures. It’s just going to be a general touch and go topic!

I actually tried and did various new things in this one year and I thought I should mention a bit of it. The one I’m most proud of is definitely the big expansion to my Killua shrine! Not just figures but now my collection of him contains a higher variety of items ranging from clear files to mugs! Though not everything I own of Killua are presented in this, here’s a photo of my Killua display space as of December 22, 2013.

I also celebrated his birthday back in July 7, 2013!


Year’s Notable Change(s) (2013)

And here’s another new title that serves the same purpose as the previous title!

I would say that the most notable change in this year is that I lost a heap amount of interest in nendoroids. Those little ones are adorable and all and I also find them the easiest to make my reviews fun because they offer basic articulation but I’m not as keen in buying them as I used to. I’ve still been purchasing them but only about one to two. Other than that, I’m actually more fond of scale figures currently.

And that was the end of all my titles! Hopefully you’re still on the ride with me because we’re coming to an end soon! Swish!


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4 responses to “Commemorating 2 Years of Figure Collecting

  1. Aleris Celt

    January 1, 2014 at 10:30 AM

    All the best for 2014!!! (:

    • Rei

      January 1, 2014 at 12:15 PM

      Happy New Year, whoop! All the best to you too! Have a wonderful year ahead!

  2. darkandchoco/暗いとチョコ

    January 8, 2014 at 1:21 PM

    Oh man.. that’s a lot of collection you got there.. more power to you! :D

    • Rei

      January 8, 2014 at 4:31 PM

      Haha, thanks! I do believe it’s getting a little bit too big in a somewhat short amount of time. Definitely cutting down my orders for this year. xD


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