REVIEW { Chess Piece Collection } HUNTERxHUNTER [Part 1]

05 Mar

We’re reaching the last character of this part of the review — Kurapika!


Interesting to note that Kurapika’s cut-off point is just below his crotch area.
kurapika bottom I feel that the cut-off point is right on because if it were to be anywhere lower than it is now, the figure wouldn’t look as good.

Now, this Kurapika is another exciting one due to him having a mid-motion pause pose. He is by far the most dynamic Kurapika figure ever made.
kurapika front kurapika back As you see, this is an agitated version of Kurapika which explains why the usual calm and composed him would hold such a fierce position.

But his expression is not furious enough which makes it hard to read his intention, and for some reason, I kind of like it that way even though a more vehement face would be nice too. His eyes makes up for the lack of intense expression though, because they’re burning so hot that they melt and made the lining of his pupils washy.
kurapika's face Right, so the previous statement was just me messing around. It’s just a subtle paint runoff after all.

I like it when a character’s hair frames up their face nicely, and here we have Kurapika who has this superb characteristic.
kurapika's hair kurapika's hair I believe the tips of his hair should be sharper and that is definitely doable despite them being rather small strands. I’ll only be able prove that point of mine in the second part of this review though.

Although Kurapika’s hair lacks any distinct shading, there’s a soft shine across it which I deem as satisfactory.
kurapika's hair Again, another good way to hide the seam line on the hair which is by making it go with the direction flow of the hair. Kurapika’s hairstyle is an easy one to implement such concealment.

As much as I love the the way Kurapika’s outfit is flowing, the yellow linings are an eyesore because they’re all messy. There is not a single continuous lining that does not go out of or fail to cover its intended area.
kurapika's outfit kurapika's outfit kurapika's outfit Such a disappointment to a creatively crafted outfit, really. There are no significant scratches or paint blobs though, thankfully, but there is, however, a few minor slips.
kurapika's outfit kurapika's outfit

I’m starting to see a pattern with these figures; that is, there’s always this unsightly spot on them.
kurapika's outfit Maybe this spot is some sort of curse. (´-`)

What boosted the colorful outfit of Kurapika’s are his chains. They surround him elegantly, hinting that they were swung around.
kurapika side kurapika's chains kurapika's chains They shine just as brightly as Gon’s silver belt and have some pretty cool purple and gray shading.

I agree that his chains are too thick, but knowing the fact that he’s just a mere trading figure, I guess it’s all reasonable. Well, at least I don’t have to worry about them breaking off from being too fragile!
kurapika's chains kurapika's chains

Glad that even though the chains on his fingers are also chunky, they’re not too horrible looking.
kurapika's chains He’s also the only figure out of this whole set to have his fingernails evidently crafted out. How nice because they look really good, but it kind of makes him more feminine as compared to the rest of the male characters. Did Megahouse did it on purpose, I wonder?

I found out by chance that the connection of the chains to his left hand is detachable.
kurapika's chains Hopefully it was intended to be this way. If not, then I might have just broke it, lol. Then again, there’s no glue residue or hints of it being attached firmly before so I guess I’m safe. It’s good that this part is detachable because then, it wouldn’t snap off easily. Also, the peg may look too small to be stable but surprisingly, it fits rather tightly and doesn’t come off easily unless you hurl it around.

I think luck is on my side because my Kurapika came with a white base just like the other two protagonists — yay for being on the bright side! Kurapika represents the knight, which I believe to be a suiting sounding title to him.
kurapika's base

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