REVIEW { Chess Piece Collection } HUNTERxHUNTER [Part 1]

05 Mar

preview I apologize for the long period of inactiveness, but here I am, ready to get the ball rolling again! Today I bring you a review of the HUNTERxHUNTER Chess Piece Collection which was released in late January! This is part one of the whole review and I’ll only be covering the characters Gon Freecss, Killua Zaoldyeck and Kurapika in this part.

Category: Trading
Character(s): Gon Freecs, Killua Zaoldyeck, Kurapika, Hisoka, Chrollo Lucilfer, Neon Nostrade
Manufacturer(s): Megahouse
Height: 80mm

I planned to do reviews of all the older releases I own at first, hopefully being able to catch up to the recent ones, but since the growing rate of my collection is much higher than the rate of me producing new reviews, I discarded that plan. Now I’m going to focus more on the newer releases, but will still get a few older ones out once in awhile. Alright, enough sidetracking. Let’s being the review!


As usual, we’ll start with the figures’ boxes because they deserve their praises too. They are essential in protecting its figures. Anyway, the HUNTERxHUNTER Chess Piece Collection set’s main box is simple but commendable; faint grids of white and gray forming what is similar to a chess board with pictures of the chess pieces printed, along with the necessary logos and words.
box top box bottom A white base color may make the box seem plain, but it serves its purpose, though sadly not to the best because it’s made of really thin cardboard.

This box set comes with six blind boxes. Design wise, each of em’ has the same concept as the main box, except now they’re primary purple with extra prints of chains and spiders.
blind boxes It’s pretty obvious now that this set of figures are based off the Yorknew City arc of HUNTERxHUNTER, given the character choices and design elements. With that, let’s move on to the figures! We’ll start with Gon!


gon front
gon back I think his face is pretty good though not the most accurate. I definitely think his eyebrows should be longer and slanted more at an angle since they are quite exaggerated in many illustrations of him, especially when he’s giving that set of grumpy brows like this kind.

I love how dynamic Gon’s pose is. You can literally feel his energy pouring out with the smashing rocks and the direction flow of what I’ll refer to as an aura since I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be, even so much so with his determined look.
gon side rock

And talking about the aura, they’re all finished with a coat of shimmering gold. It’s most obvious when under the light and it’s an effect I noticed Megahouse to be doing with its figures recently. I find this effect very pretty and remarkable. They make my eyes sparkle with stars because, well, I kind of like shiny stuffs.
aura aura And heck, they’re so reflective that you can even see bits of green from Gon’s outfit on it. They’re definitely really beautiful from any angle.

Zooming in to his hair, it’s a plus point for how the seam lines on his head are well hidden. They’re there, but they go along with the different sections of his hair so you can regard them as nonexistent.
gon's hair gon's hair

Though if you look even closer, you’ll notice the top of one of his hair ends’ paint came chipped off, oh no.
gon's hair Although it’s not a big spot, it’s sadly still quite obvious when looked from a close distance since it’s on the most front hair.

It’s hardly obvious in my photos, but his outfit is actually shaded with not only a darker shade than the base color, but also highlighted with lime green at certain parts. Good to see effort put in but the lighter green sort of give the impression of discoloration. Guess Megahouse should have picked another color.
gon's outfit

And alas, upon closer inspection, you’d also notice how messy the red lining on his outfit is. Some parts are fuzzy, some went out of the intended area, and some others doesn’t cover the parts they should entirely.
gon's outfit gon's outfit gon's outfit

Even the area between his legs and boots suffered the same fate.
gon's boot

Surprisingly, despite having similar concept, his wrist area is not as bad as compared to the leg area. It’s actually pretty neat to boost. I’m puzzled by such inconsistency.
gon's cuff gon's cuff On a second thought, my guess is that they could have painted the cuff first before putting his hands in place whereas they couldn’t do the same for the legs, resulting in a messy paint on a small surface.

But the glistening silver on his belt is pretty good as the paint didn’t run, so technically I still see no reason why the boots area isn’t as sharp.
gon's belt

And hey, just when I thought the hands look alright, I noticed the unnecessary seam lines on em’. They’re not that big of a deal though since I don’t find them that much of an eyesore. Just pointing them out.
gon's hand gon's hand

Getting even more into the tiniest details, I noticed how there are scratches, tiny paint blobs and splotches on where they should not belong.
scratches blobs splotches scratches blobs splotches scratches blobs splotches scratches blobs splotches scratches blobs splotches scratches blobs splotches I admit I’m being too harsh in picking out even the tiniest little black spots on the figure since they’re obviously not at all visible if not inspected closely but you got to admit those blobs are not as forgiving. Besides, it never hurts to know more than what is expected, right?

Not forgetting the base, it’s circular and comes in two random different colors — black and white. Mine’s white for Gon’s, and Gon represents the pawn.
gon's base

Here comes the bonus point of this collection set! Each base, no matter the color or version, has the same shaped and sized hole for the insertion of the figures. This means that the bases are exchangeable within this set of figures to your suiting! Awesome! But that is of course if you don’t receive all six bases of the same color, which is definitely unlikely.

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