ReiCloset On Facebook

16 Jan

reicloset on facebook It’s here━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!! ReiCloset is now on Facebook!

I’ve always wanted to manage a page on Facebook with frequent updates and other stuffs, hopefully being able to entertain at least a few people at the same time. So seeing how I now have a blog with a solid theme (figures), I thought it’ll be nice if I can widen my community to Facebook as well, and so I did!

I’m thinking of updating the Facebook page with, say, news of whenever any new figures have arrived/are received. I’m also migrating this blog’s bonus section (e.g. this or this) to there, where I’ll be posting any fun photos of my figures I’ve taken, whether from in/outdoors.

So if you like ReiCloset (or me as a reviewer by any chance, lol), then feel free to support me at this Facebook platform ( ) too where you’ll find updates from ReiCloset you won’t see here at WordPress! I hope to see you there! Thank you!

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