REVIEW { 1/6 Scale } Yosuga no Sora: Kasugano Sora

09 Aug

With long isabelline white hair and soft milky skin, here is Kasugano Sora in her school swimsuit!

Type: scale figure
Height: 130mm
Manufacturer(s): Kotobukiya
Item(s): figurex1, basex1
Obtained: yesasia
Condition: fresh out

Now, I know you’re thinking that this figure was released quite long ago so why is it that I’m doing her review only until now, but the thing is, I only started this hobby a few months back, which means I only grabbed her not too long ago (glad that she was still available) so that’s why I’m reviewing her now. Besides, there’s no reviews that would be too old for release, right?

Right! So the reason I’ve brought Sora home is because she’s my number one favorite waifu and I absolutely love her to bits! No, I haven’t yet played the eroge Yosuga no Sora (but yes, I will get to it one day). I actually found Sora through the anime instead and have since completed the manga as well, and throughout the whole journey of that, I’ve totally fell head over heels for her! I would love to get this and that too, but considering my situation now, it seems impossible.

Alright! So shall we move on to Sora’s box? I can’t say that the design of the box fits very well with this Sora, but I understand that all of the figures in the line of 4-Leaves have the same packaging, so I won’t lament over it.
Quick! Spot the difference between the two sides of the box!
Okay… forgive my dull attempt at entertaining the crowd…

So you like the color green? Superb! Because Sora comes with a green background! Oh, and you like pillows too? Even better! Because Sora comes with a soft silky pillow as her base!
Now, if you’re wondering what’s that hole doing on the bottom of the background, that’s a hole made for giving buyers a sneak peak of the pillow when it’s packed in the box.

Along with the pillow, there’s also a note written in Japanese packed in it. I can’t read kanji, so I pretty much don’t understand anything in the note, but I assume it to be something related to her hair judging from the image. I’d be delighted if anyone were to translate it for me.

We’re finally going to look at Sora herself! This Sora’s sculpt is based off this illustration:

Sora is pretty accurately craved, with every little strands of hair included, though those fringe does need to be a little smoother. The figure’s legs are also longer (not that I’m complaining) compared to the illustration–perhaps it’s the difference in the angle of view–but I thought that the toenails could of have been longer.
There is also no blush on the figure’s face, unlike the illustration, though you can see that her cheeks does gives off a small shine which is a pretty nice touch! I love the pink outline on her mouth as well!

Sora’s ribbons are made of a flexible material (though I’m not sure what) so it’s less likely to snap! Pretty cool!

Sora’s chest area looks rather scrumptious too!

Likewise, the depression at the center of her stomach is pretty hot!

Sora’s bottom’s glistening and it looks alluring… (*´Д`*) Those wrinkles on the swimsuit look natural and great too!
I would of have shown you how enticing her genital area looked but I’ll keep that to myself instead since that’s not very nice to Sora.

Cautious point to take note of! Sora may look like she’s sitting, but she’s quite fragile because her weight is actually mainly supported by her few strands of long hair, so it’s important to be extra careful while handling her to prevent breaking anything!

Well then, sometimes love will pull the wool over our eyes, causing us to be tricked and believe that the one we love are perfect, but in my case, love only makes me become more aware of one’s flaws, though I’ll still love them all the same. So here comes some faults I noticed: the inner painting of Sora’s swimsuit looks sloppy and could have been better.

I believe that hands and fingers can be very attractive points, but Sora’s fingers are too fat and round at the tips. It would have been great if its quality was at least of Bonney‘s.

However, those were just minor details I wouldn’t fuss over too much. Here’s what I really disliked–or bluntly speaking, deemed as unacceptable. I wouldn’t normally let obvious seam lines such as those between the front and back of hair pieces or the ones on shoulders bother me since I know they’re inevitable, but there’s this seam line on Sora’s hair that just looks hideous, as if her hair has cracked. I wonder if it’s just my Sora who suffered this fate of cracked hair or is there anyone else out there with the same problem too?

Additionally, if you might or might not have already noticed, Sora’s right arm is dreadfully shiny because she was wrapped in sticky plastic before I unpacked her, so some surfaces of the figure might have been affected (whoever thought it was a good idea to use that material for packaging…) and it’s not just her arm though, there are other parts with this awful shiny surface, but her arm is definitely the most obvious.

In conclusion, I may have seemed very displeased with the flaws Sora carries but I’m actually more than happy and satisfied to have her because she looks utterly stunning overall! I say, look pass those faults and just get her if you love her, you wouldn’t be very disappointed! She’ll stand out well with the distinct navy blue and snow white contrast and will bring more joy to your life!

This is the end of Sora’s showcasing time. Thank you for your time. See you again!

…Oh, and this is for the laughs. I thought that the shadow of her hair cast on her body in one of the photos made her bottom look funny, heh.


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4 responses to “REVIEW { 1/6 Scale } Yosuga no Sora: Kasugano Sora

  1. ThatSociallyAwkwardOtaku

    August 9, 2012 at 9:00 PM

    I think that note meant be careful not to use a lot of force when handling the sides of her hair since they are very delicate and stuff like that. Sorry, my Jap’s still amatuerish even though I’m taking lessons for four years now. >.<

    • Rei

      August 9, 2012 at 9:43 PM

      I see, so it is about her hair after all. Thanks for the rough translation! Ah, well, it is indeed quite hard to learn a language fluently. It’s great you’re taking lessons, you’ll get even better eventually!

  2. Vyncent

    August 10, 2012 at 6:12 PM

    This sure looks like a great purchase. Like the curves and the way she teases you with her pose. Kinda brings a phrase to mind though…
    “IT’S A TRAP!”

    • Rei

      August 10, 2012 at 6:25 PM

      Yes, the figure does do the illustration justice! Trap?! (゚д゜≡゚д゜) Well, I’m glad she’s not actually one!


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