REVIEW { Chibi-arts } One Piece: Perona

01 Jul

“Horohorohorohorohoroー♪” …Where did that spooky laughter came from?! (゚д゜≡゚д゜) Perona, was that you?

Type: pvc/abs figure
Height: 100mm
Manufacturer(s): Bandai
Item(s): figurex1, extra face platex2, extra armx6, extra handx5, accessories, extra jointsx2, stand+basex2
Obtained: play-asia
Condition: fresh out

Before we hover over to looking at Perona’s box packaging, I just thought I’ll say that this Perona was an impulse-buy. I actually really wanted P.O.P’s Perona instead because I thought P.O.P’s Bonney was a really amazing figure and thus Perona would be too, but I didn’t have any budget left to get it after I got this Perona, and so I ended up never being able to get it. It’s not that I love chibi-arts’ Perona any less, but now, my heart breaks a little every time I look at the photos of P.O.P’s Perona… /takes the corner seat

Anyway, let’s get the show started! We start by looking at Perona’s box! Her box comes in a striking pink, dark purple (sorry but my poor camera can’t really pick up any of these colors well), and white! I thought that the halftone background image of Perona is really creative and it gives off a special vibe!
I would of have tried to translate all the captions on the box, but I can only understand bits and pieces of every part so I can’t provide any full translation, sorry about that.

Hovering on! Perona comes with a delicious looking purple background and lots of items such as the umbrella she always carries around! She even have some speech bubbles and two extra joints! Cool!
I didn’t pay attention to the background when I was taking it out of the box so I’m not quite sure which part is the top and which is the bottom, but I assume them to be purple striped cloths hanging down!
Perona also comes with a very graphical manual, listing down all the different parts available and also the right way to assemble her!

Perona’s big round eyes and bright red lips are nicely captured on the figure and there did not seem to have any major paint bleed! Awesome!
Her pink colored hair is beautifully craved as well!

I especially like her umbrella and the negative ghost she carries as they are both very well-made and colored! The details inside her umbrella were all craved out and her negative ghost has a nice faint gloomy blue on its face! Cute!
The heart shaped belt is also a nice touch!

I really adore the base she came with, but I always thought that her name was spelled as Perona and not Perhona; any clarification on this? On a side note, her boots shine nicely too!

Sadly, despite her good quality of paint job, I was rather disappointed with Perona’s crown. Her crown should supposedly be one of the more pretty looking items in the set, but the paint job of it is really poor compared to the rest of the figure.
Her crown is apparently, worn by inserting it onto a protruding cylinder shaped stick on her head, which means you can’t pose Perona without her crown or it’ll look weird, aww.

The legs’ joints of Perona are also really obvious if you adjust her legs too much and so this isn’t really a plus point, but it’s not too bad since there’s always the method of adjusting the angle of where you shoot her from!

It’s time to move on to Perona with her accessories! I think that the speech bubbles included in the set is a really fun idea, though I only fully understand two out of four of them. “Negative Horo!!”

Laughing Perona.
While taking these photos, I realised that Perona’s nose looked like an eagle’s beak from the front of her laughing face due to the shape of her upper lips, which was unintentional but now I cannot unsee it.

Innocent looking Perona with a lollipop, but who knows what kind of thoughts are running through her mind?

Photobombing negative ghost?!

You can also remove Perona’s cape to enable more articulation of her arms but her neck joint will pop out unsightly if you’re taking photos at her from a low angle so be careful!

I also can’t help but to make Perona dance with her now enabled larger articulation paired up with her laughing face! She seems to be enjoying herself very much!

This is the end of Perona’s showcasing time! All in all, despite having little flaws here and there, this Perona was really adorable, friendly and fun to work with! Considering that she is my second favorite waifu, I’m really glad that I’ve gotten her! But P.O.P DX’s Perona would have been better. I noticed that this Perona’s facial expression were really interesting because of her eyebrows, so it’s too bad that her fringe covered them. I also wished that more negative ghosts were included in the set! Well, thank you for your time. See you again!
Doesn’t Perona’s eyes just seem like two black holes luring you in? I wouldn’t mind going in though, I love her.


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6 responses to “REVIEW { Chibi-arts } One Piece: Perona

  1. 赤信号

    August 5, 2012 at 6:24 PM

    Ahaha Chibi-arts! I have the Boa Chibi Art and am looking forward towards Shirahoshi’s release ..Perona looks really funky as well but since I’m not such a big fan..I gave it a pass. =3

    Personally Nendoroids and Chibi-arts..which one appeals to you more? =3

    • Rei

      August 5, 2012 at 7:40 PM

      That’s nice. Did you do a review on her too? Please do tell if you did, because I don’t remember seeing it on your blog and would like to read it if there is. I’ve saw the pictures of chibi-arts’ Shirahoshi before and she does look really adorable and tempting! I assume you’ve already pre-ordered her then? Well, personally for me, I love Perona more than any other female characters in One Piece so I chose her over others.

      For now, I don’t have a lot of exposure to chibi-arts as I only own one, but I must say I’m giving my vote to nendoroids. The quality of them feels different, perhaps it’s the body proportion. I feel that the body of chibi-arts seem too small for the head, so I’m quite paranoid that the head might break off due to not having enough support, but of course I know the quality’s not that bad for that to happen so easily, haha. The paint job on nendoroids seemed to be better as well.

      • 赤信号

        August 6, 2012 at 12:56 PM

        Ahaha I haven’t reviewed Boa yet but yeah I would cast my vote for Nendoroids as well. Overall, GSC’s releases does edge out Bandai’s stuff..maybe it’s cause Bandai has too many things going on with them. =3

        Ahaha nope the pre-order closed for Shirahoshi before I got to her..will probably keep any eye out for her in local stores. My OP favorite gal gotta be Nico Robin though..she is just awesome XD

        • Rei

          August 7, 2012 at 5:47 PM

          I see. Oh, if you don’t mind me asking, which local stores do you normally go to for figures? I’m from the same place as you, but don’t travel a lot so I don’t really know many places and would be glad if you can recommend me some.

          • 赤信号

            August 8, 2012 at 1:45 AM

            Ouuh hello fellow Singaporean! XD
            I normally pre-order Nendos from Toysntoys at China Square Central..every Sunday afternoon, there is also a toy bazaar at China Square Central so it might be a good time to pop by. If you’re interested, we can go and snoop about sometime. There are also shops on top of Plaza Singapura that sells stuff, KKNM in PoMO, The Falcon’s Hangar, online Ebay stores..Hobby forums..aaah you get my drift XD

          • Rei

            August 8, 2012 at 10:10 PM

            I see. China Square Central seems a bit far from where I live, but I might find some time to go there one day! Normally the nearest I’d go is FunzCentre at AMK, and furthest is probably Movie Replicas in Plaza Singapura. Never really knew about PoMO, might drop by there some time as well! I see you buy from many different places then? Heh, thanks for the info!


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