REVIEW { Portrait of Pirates } One Piece: Jewelry Bonney

13 Jun

The big eater, Jewelry Bonney, is ready to glutton down any food that comes in her way while demanding for more!

Type: scale figure
Height: 110mm
Manufacturer(s): MegaHouse
Item(s): figurex1, extra headx1, extra armx6, extra handx3, accessories, basex1
Obtained: local store
Condition: fresh out

First comes Bonney’s amazing box packaging! The design of the box is outstanding with brilliant colors! The way the One Piece logo contrast with the background at the front of the top right corner is beautiful! This is also the biggest box I own for a figure by far.

Moving on to the contents! Bonney comes with an amazing pink brick designed background! She also comes with a lot of extra arms, along with an extra head as well as some accessories and a hot pink base! Wow!
There is also a manual that guides you the way to attach her suspenders and the difference between the two sets of suspenders. It’s in Japanese but it’s very graphical so it’s easy to understand! You can also experiment with the suspenders yourself while you’re assembling her even if you are unable to understand the manual!

Bonney’s paintwork is pretty much perfect! Everything’s been gotten down including her anti-eyebrow and her pair of red lips! Her buckle shines nicely too and the body is just gorgeous!
Have you also noticed how well the patterns on Bonney’s stockings are painted? Fantastic work done!

If you look at her from behind, her hair stands out beautifully too! Having a gradient of pink from the top to bottom really makes her hair seem so angelic like! I especially like the translucent looking pink near the bottom portion!

Despite all these wonderful features, there is a part of Bonney that is rather disappointing and that is her suspenders. The holes available to attach her suspenders are too small so it’s really difficult to push the ends of the suspenders in; I had to use toothpicks to enlarge the holes, but even after they’re attached, it’s really hard to make them stay in place so I decided to just leave them hanging out.

I’ve also displayed her along with the base provided the moment I got her, but when I checked back a week later, it seems like bits of her that was in contact with the base got stuck to it and some marks were left on both the base and her which made me really sad. Her jacket and shorts were also sticking to the figure itself and they’ve also, unfortunately, had bits of paint transferred. These problems may be due to the humid condition in my area, though I’m not sure. I now display her without the base–such a pity since her base was really pretty–though I cannot do much about her shorts.

Alright! Let’s check out Bonney with her accessories! The first thing that confused me was a translucent piece of plastic included in the set. I eventually found out that it’s probably a support for her left leg since it’s not leveled with her right. Pretty cool, but not the best looking thing to include when displaying.

Both the piece of meat and slice of pizza that Bonney brought along are really well-made! They are well textured and colored! Nice!
I also like how her nails are painted to shine! Very attractive!

Bonney only has one sitting position, but she has several different combinations for her arms! Awesome!

Her furred jacket comes as a separated piece from the sleeves, so if you put on her jacket with her sleeveless arms, it seems like she’s wearing a sleeveless furred coat! Cool!

Now comes the main pose of this figure! /drumrolls The main pose of Bonney is when she was taken as hostage, along with her crew mates, and held up by the Blackbeard Pirates! …I had a hard time convincing Bonney to help me out with this photoshoot as she does not want to be chained up again and most certainly doesn’t want to part with her food. But she finally agreed to cooperate with me in the end, though she wasn’t quite pleased throughout the whole process.

The chain comes as an individual piece and it’s a real metal chain! Wow! I also think that it’s a great idea to use the chain with other figures.

Bonney can’t wear her hat when she is chained up but she still looks fantastic!

Besides recreating the intended pose, it is also fun to play around with how the chain holds up Bonney! Sexy! Obviously I had a good beating from her afterwards.

This is the end of Bonney’s showcasing time. Bonney is a very beautifully made figure and it’s definitely worth getting her, not forgetting that she’s my second favorite waifu on the list! Thank you for your time. See you again!
Urk-!! Forgive me, Bonney!! I won’t take your food again, I swear!! You don’t have to be so angry though, at least I didn’t request a photograph of you without your shorts, you sexy lady.

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