REVIEW { Nendoroid 152} Bakuman.: Takagi Akito

11 Jun

For every Mashiro, there should be a Takagi, because everybody knows they work best together! So here he is, Takagi Akito, and the little candidate himself is pretty excited too!

Type: nendoroid
Height: 100mm
Manufacturer(s): Phat Company
Item(s): figurex1, extra face platex2, extra armx1, extra handx3, accessories, stand+basex1
Obtained: yesasia
Condition: possibly pre-owned

We start by looking at his box packaging! His box’s design is similar to his partner’s, Mashiro, but is printed with bright red! The captions on the front are also similar to Mashiro’s but the bottom right corner is his alias, “Shuujin“, instead!
There are certain parts of the captions’ above that are similar to Mashiro’s but Takagi’s has a lot more kanji characters in his captions that I’ve yet to learn to read or understand.
I will study hard and learn to read these captions!

Let’s move on to the contents next! Takagi comes with a very pleasant colored pale blue with a few of his daily equipment! Awesome!

Takagi is very well-made with his trademark earphones and glasses, along with his famous jacket!

His earphones are detailedly craved! They are not entirely fixed on him so you can move them around but it is still connected to his jacket somehow so you can’t actually do much with the earphones besides having them behind Takagi’s neck. The wire of the earphones seem rather fragile so be careful!

Takagi’s spectacles are definitely removable and he also came with an extra pair of spectacles that are tinted! The sides of his inner front hair has dents to enable you to easily put on his spectacles. The number of dents on each side also differs so that you won’t put on his spectacles the wrong way!
Since his spectacles can stand as an individual piece, you can actually use it for other nendoroids, but because they are made specially for Takagi, having the spectacles stay on the other little ones may be rather difficult but it is definitely worth a try!

Not one nendoroid can be with zero flaws, and even though Takagi came as close to perfect to me, I found out that his face plates are rather loose from his hair piece! But this is not a big problem at all so don’t mind, don’t mind.

Now we have Takagi with his equipment!

Shocked Takagi! Probably due to the results related to their manga!

The differences between his hands are really small, but the correct hand to hold his portfolio case is actually his left hand!
But who says you can’t use his right hand to hold his portfolio case too? You actually can! The same exchangeable concept doesn’t apply for his notebook though, because his left hand’s grip is far too wide for it.

Get Takagi’s tinted spectacles on him along with his portfolio case and he’ll look just like a professional! Cool!

“Takagi-san, Takagi-san. Let’s take a photo with your spectacles off- Erk!!”
Just kidding, and sorry for my bad editing, but Takagi looks like a totally different person without his spectacles! His eyes are really beautiful and stands out a lot when his spectacles are not in the way!

I almost forgot to show you Takagi with his notebo- …Takagi seems to be thinking really hard now while staring at his notebook!

Ah! Wa- Wait, Takagi-san! Where do you think you’re running off to?! Don’t you want your showtime to be longer?!

So this is the end of Takagi’s showcasing time! Overall, Takagi seemed rather plain to me at first but I realised that he had a lot more poses than he initially seemed to have after I did this photoshoot so he is a good buy afterall! I will definitely capture some photos of him working with Mashiro one day! Thank you for your time. See you again!


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7 responses to “REVIEW { Nendoroid 152} Bakuman.: Takagi Akito

  1. Topiki

    July 6, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    I really enjoyed this review. Especially the mini comic closing. Very creative!

    • Rei

      July 6, 2012 at 12:51 PM

      Thank you very much! I am really glad that you enjoyed it!

  2. kero-chan

    July 9, 2012 at 3:09 PM

    I loved reading your reviews of the two Bakuman Nendoroids! It’s funny how we seem to have quite the same style for reviewing, at least as far as Nendoroids go; we both like to have them interact with the environment and ourselves, instead of reviewing them in an analytical way. I was thinking about using speech bubbles as well, but I haven’t been able to make them look good… how did you do yours?

    Also, I wonder if the small quality problems you had with these two have to do with the fact they’re not made by Good Smile Company, but by Phat Company?

    • Rei

      July 10, 2012 at 4:06 PM

      Thank you! Yeah, I noticed the similar styles we had too, haha. Yup, I always thought that it’s nicer to treat those little buddies more like your friends instead of just plastic figures. It makes me appreciate them more as well. As for the speech bubbles, I use the ellipse tool and fill it with solid white for the bubble. The font is Bauhaus 93. I then arrange them together and set them both to 75% opacity. I also came across a post on making speech bubbles using photoshop last time, maybe you can check out that person’s style!

      I’m not sure if it’s really due to the fact that it’s made by Phat company with the little nendoroids I own right now (most of them are characters from Bakuman, which are all made by Phat company). But if I were to compare them to the only other nendoroid I own that’s made by GSC (Shuukan Hajimete no Hatsune Miku), I must say, the quality really differs. I have no complaints with Miku at all–well, maybe for a certain few loose arms–but GSC’s quality is really top-notch compared to Phat’s. So for now, I’ll stick to the opinion that it’s because they’re made by Phat company that there’s those quality problems, but we shall see in the future when I obtain more nendoroids. :D

  3. sheng

    July 15, 2012 at 9:50 AM

    i really regret not getting takagi and mashiro. ugh! awesome review mate, you made me drool over takagi again. XD


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