REVIEW { Nendoroid Petit } VOCALOID: Hachune Miku

06 Jun

Hm, what’s this? …It’s the secret item from the vocaloid #1 nendoroid petit set, Hachune Miku!

Type: nendoroid petit
Height: 65mm
Manufacturer(s): Good Smile Company
Item(s): figurex1, extra handx1, stand+basex1
Obtained: local store
Condition: fresh out

Hachune Miku has the same box packaging as the rest of the same kind but the forgetful me has forgotten to take a photo of it! But you already know how the box look like from all the previous reviews I’ve done, right?

Hachune Miku shares the same color as Hatsune Miku because the former is a derivative of the latter.

Since Hachune Miku is included as a secret item, it is no wonder that she is the most special one in the set of the vocaloid #1 nendoroid petit; her articulations are simply amazing! She have all the normal joints like the others but has extra ones at both her arms and legs, creating elbows and knees. With these joints, you can create as many poses as your creative mind can allow you!

Hachune Miku also comes with an extra right hand to let you switch between holding a spring onion or a free hand!

It is also possible to make her sit on a platform somewhere to accompany you, like on your computer monitor without a stand! Cool!

This is the end of Hachune Miku’s showcasing time. Thank you for your time. See you again!

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One response to “REVIEW { Nendoroid Petit } VOCALOID: Hachune Miku

  1. cvilleshutterbug

    July 12, 2012 at 12:51 AM

    I scored this the other day. Not sure how I want to use it in my work, though.


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