REVIEW { Nendoroid Petit } VOCALOID: Kagamine Len/Rin

20 May

Here’s yet another pair of nendoroid petit–also my favorite pair of all–coming from the vocaloid series, Kagamine Len and Rin!

Type: nendoroid petit
Height: 65mm
Manufacturer(s): Good Smile Company
Item(s): figurex1 of two, stand+basex1 of two
Obtained: local store
Condition: fresh out

They both come with their very own bubbly looking pink box, exactly the same packaging as Miku‘s.

It is very obvious that the paint job of Len’s was not very well done, especially at his collar area. He even has a loose part, which is his arm, and it keeps falling off when faced down. However, since these can be easily fixed, I am still very happy with his figure.

Rin, on the other hand, was better processed with no significant loose parts. I think she is one of the cutest vocaloid.

But there is one problem with Rin’s figure, and that is her head. The peg connecting her head to her body would come off along with her head when removed and that is not supposed to be the case. I was actually looking forward to exchanging her head with Len’s so that they could wear each other’s outfit, but now I cannot do so due to this problem.

I can still exchange their hair pieces though, but it will not be the same because their faces slightly differ.

Their body movements are also very limited, but I still had fun making them pose for the camera.

This is the end of Len’s and Rin’s showcasing time. Thank you for your time. See you again!

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