REVIEW { Revoltech } Doko Demo Issyo: Kuro Hatsune Miku ver.

19 May

Toro‘s anthropomorphized super deformed neighbour cat, Kuro, has also returned with yet another new costume series–Hatsune Miku version!

Type: action figure
Height: 150mm
Manufacturer(s): Taito, Kaiyodo
Item(s): figurex1, spring onionx1, costume setx1, bowtiex1, stand+basex1
Obtained: local store
Condition: possibly pre owned as box was in a rather bad condition and figure has scratches

Different parts of Kuro’s body are joined by revolver joints, which makes the parts easy to turn or remove but also easy to break if not handled well, especially the point connecting Kuro’s head.

Kuro offers great poses even without his costume as his arms and legs have bendable joints but the stand–also with revolver joints–is not the most stable kind.

Kuro comes with an extra bowtie (possibly to make easier identification between Toro’s and Kuro’s empty boxes) which gives him a rather fancy image.

Costume of Kuro’s is very detailed and well made with rubber material but it might stick to the figure if left on for too long with no adjustments. Joints of Kuro’s will not be bendable when costume is worn.

Kuro’s costume also has a name tag ‘Kuroid’ to enable easier recognition from his costume to his buddy’s, Toro.

Although well-made, there is one part of Kuro’s body where it’s very fragile and that is his tail. His tail proved difficult in getting it out of his lower back and might break easily if not handled carefully.

This is the end of Kuro’s showcasing time. Thank you for your time. See you again!

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